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Last update: 2014-03-12

All services listed below are UP.

Upcoming Maintenance


Minecraft Note

Both Minecraft servers are known to be slightly unstable due to issues in the mods. Please notify if either are unresponsive. /

Primary server: (default port)

Running Minecraft: Feed The Beast modpack (Monster Edition 1.1.1). Primarily maintained by @foonix


Elite mode server:

Feed The Beast modpack (Unhinged Edition 1.1.0) This server is configured to provide a challenging gameplay experience. Teamwork is recommended! Maintained by @foonix

Running Minecraft: TerraFirmaCraft modpack (v0.77.22). Currently whitelist-only. Please tweet @botanynerd or email for access.

TF2 MvM Cluster / Source Mod Servers

Five MVM servers named Falafel Funhouse #1-5 are currently being run from this domain. Additional Source Mod gameservers are run when there is interest.

Email with any requests, comments, or questions.


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